18 August 2010

porque algumas canções são necessárias

"If it is your destiny to be this laborer, called the writer, you know that you've gotta go to work every day, but you also know that you're not gonna get it every day. You have to be prepared but you really don't command the enterprise. Sometimes when you no longer see yourself as the hero of your own drama, you know, expecting victory after victory, and you understand deeply that this is not paradise, somehow we're, especially the priviledged ones that we are, we somehow embrance the notion that this vale of tears, that is perfectible. That you're gonna get it all straight. I found that things become a lot easier when--when I-- when I no longer expect to win. I tried to put this into that song called A Thousand Kisses Deep where you understand that you abandon your masterpiece, and you sink into the real masterpiece. (Leonard Cohen in Leonard Cohen: I'm your man)