09 May 2013

Behind every meal of meat is an absence: the death of the animal whose place the meat takes. The "absent referent" is that which separates the meat eater from the animal and the animal from the end product. The function of the absent referent is to keep our "meat" separated from any idea that she or he was once an animal, to keep the "moo" or "cluck" or "baa" away from the meat, to keep something from being seen as having been someone.  - (Carol Adams in The Sexual Politics of Meat, p.13)

01 May 2013

Sou forte como uma rocha

Parque Bryce Canyon em Utah nos Estados Unidos. Já lá estive um par de vezes. É o mais próximo do sublime de Kant que há, creio.

29 April 2013

A woman in Texas was trampled by a bull during a "money grab" game at a rodeo event.

This is how the news reports this story: "Rodeo game goes horribly wrong" because the expectation is that it only goes well when no humans are hurt, despite the blatant animal abuse that rodeos are. Or are people that naïve that they think animals also enjoy rodeos? Most certainly, animals despise the fact that humans are chasing them, grabing them and hurting them. Do people think the bull was running just out of entertainment? Oh, humanity, your supremacist view of the word is heinous! This video gets worse when the young kid speaks. He says "I think I didn't die because God didn't want to." Yes, of course! God protects the species made according to his image and doesn't give a fuck about animals, right?! Oh, humanity, until when?!

Here is the infamous video!