05 May 2010

um conto de Edgar Allan Poe

"My son, what is the chief end of your existence?"

"My father," I answered, "it is the study of Nosology."

"And what, Robert," he inquired, "is Nosology?"

"Sir," I said, "it is the Science of Noses."

"And can you tell me," he demmanded, "what is the meaning of a nose?"

"A nose, my father," I replied, great softened, "has been variously defined by a thousand

different authors...[T]he nose, according to Bartholinus, is that protuberence - that

bump - that escrescence - that...

a leitura completa desse conto, "Lionizing," pode ser continuada aqui

ou pode-se também ouvir o podcast aqui (foi o que fiz hoje. baixei e ouvi-o enquanto

fazia a caminhada diária. que proveito!)